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Are you struggling with English?

MyEnglish offers premium tuition. Whether you are looking into tuition for yourself or your student, contact Jenny today to see just how much tutoring can do for you.

I can help if you:

I can assist students with homework help, including assignments, assessments and exam preparation for mid-year and end-of-year exams.

Lessons are tailored to the unique needs of each student and they are a great opportunity to relax and focus, away from pressures of classmates and work.

About Jenny

A specialist and passionate teacher of English

I am passionate about providing the best tutoring for you or your student.

What qualifications and experience do I have?

I have taught high school English and SOSE in Brisbane and New Zealand high schools and tutored privately to school and university students. I have also lectured English Communication at a Learning College. I am a Queensland registered teacher and hold a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English, a Graduate Diploma in Secondary School Teaching and a certificate in Adult Learning.

Hours of availability

I offer one-on-one lessons at your home, my home office or elsewhere by arrangement after school hours and Saturday.


Introductory meeting

30 minutes FREE

This lesson is to develop an Individual Tuition Plan to determine what specific areas need to be covered. It is also helpful to see if you or your student feels they can work with me.

1-hour lesson


“…his writing has improved. I think you cleared up some areas of confusion for him. I am really grateful.”Karen

My Proofreader

Receive online support throughout the assignment process. Assistance with time management, understanding of the task, insights into literature, brainstorming, drafting your writing and the final proofread.

Assistance with English essays and assignments at all levels from Year 7–12.


Last Minute? Is your assignment due this week? No time for assistance with preparing towards your final? Simply send your draft essay and task sheet as an attachment on your email. You will receive feedback and direction on your writing.

Email Jenny for fees and payment details.

My Story

Do you have a story to write?

If you have always thought of writing a story but don’t know where to start, harness your ideas and begin your narrative with guidance.

Face-to-face tutorials at your pace.


Jenny Morris

Phone: 0420 532 088


If you are unsure about the tuition process or how lessons work, please contact me by phone or email.

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