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MyEnglish offers premium tuition. Contact Jenny to improve school results, increase time management and reduce stress at home.

Are you unsure how to write or structure one of these English tasks?

Feature Articles, Persuasive Oral Presentations, Media or Advertising Essays, Creative Writing or Short Stories, Narrative Intervention or Dramatic Monologues, Film Studies, Analytical Literature, Shakespeare or Poetry Essays, History or Study of Religion Essays, Research or Reports, Personal Recounts, Reflections, Reviews or Satirical Essays.

Select one of the three options that will assist your learning:

  1. Assignment $50 a week

    Support when there is homework and assignments to brainstorm, research, draft and final. Includes suggestions, access to resources and examples, assistance with research, proofreading, editing and a weekly Skype check in (optional). My English will not write the assignment for you – we will help you to write your best assignments.

  2. Writing Projects $50 a week

    Perfect for Primary and Early Secondary students. Writing Projects prepare students for Secondary School writing, with mini assignments that build on skills and individual interests. Inspiration for creative students that love to write. Includes mini assignments, proofreading, suggestions for improvement, examples and a weekly Skype check in (optional).

  3. Proof Reading - Average senior school size assignment – 48hrs notice/ as required - $25

    If you are happy with your content and just need proofreading for errors, email your attached assignment and allow 48 hours at the most, for a polished error free copy to be returned to you.

My English offers one-on-one lessons via email and Skype (if desired)

How it Works

  1. Decide on the service you need
  2. Email MyEnglish with your request:
  3. Send your assignment, task sheet and work so far via email attachment and book a Skype session (optional).
  4. The banking details for payment will be sent to you
  5. My English will get started on helping you with your assignment. It won’t be written for you. Expect plenty of ideas, suggestions, sites to check out, restructuring, proofreading, examples and encouragement.

A weekly timeslot can be booked for the Skype Session. Approximately 15 minutes is plenty of time to discuss upcoming assignments, time management, brainstorming, examinations, literature, structures, drafts and editing. A task will be set during this session, it may be writing, research or brainstorming.

Expect several exchanges of emails during a week to check in on progress and request writing.

Lessons are tailored to the unique needs of each student and they are a great opportunity to relax and focus, away from classroom distractions.

About Jenny

A specialist and passionate teacher of English, History, Media and Essay Writing

Committed to providing the best tutoring for students.

Jenny has taught high school English and Humanities in Australian and New Zealand High Schools. She has tutored privately to primary, high school and university students for 3 years. Jenny is a Queensland and New Zealand Registered Teacher, with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English, a Graduate Diploma in Secondary School Teaching and a Certificate in Adult Learning.


Jenny Morris

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If you are unsure about the tuition process or how lessons work, please contact me by phone or email.

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